Hello, I'm Brett Helling and I love SEO.

I have over a decade of experience building high-traffic authority websites that rank in the search engines and convert like crazy. I've developed a simple, proven process to scale the traffic, stickiness, and conversions of a website.

I've proven my process on countless projects - both internal and external - and now I'm ready to do the same for you.

About me

After signing up as a rideshare driver in 2015, I started a small blog called Ridester.com to share with other drivers what I learned in my time behind the wheel. Little did I know that this project would end up getting more than 1.5 million unique visitors per month less than 2 years later.

After seeing the success of Ridester, I realized the opportunity to diversify beyond a single site by building a portfolio. I began making a push into the broader gig economy, employment, and digital marketing niches by creating high-quality authority websites within each one.

As I built the sites, I continued to learn as much as I possibly could about SEO - figuring out what did and didn't work well along the way. Over time, I gained the knowledge and experience needed to build a proven, replicable framework for ramping a website's traffic.

Once I refined the process, I put it to work on the sites of freelance SEO clients. I applied the same strategies, tactics, and teams that I used to scale the websites within my own portfolio. And as I expected, my process worked just as well for clients as it did for my own online properties.